Friday, March 11, 2011

Catullus, Poem 21

Gaius Valerius Catullus
84-54 BCE (over 2,000 years ago)
Trans. RMBullard
Latin (Golden Age)

Aurelius, pater esuritionum/non harum modo, sed quot aut fuerunt/aut sunt aut aliis erunt in annis/pedicare cupis meos amores.
(Aurelius, you father of sexual depravities, not just of these recent cases, but so many times have there been and are and will be, you desire to rear-end my love;)

nec clam: nam simul es, iocaris una/haerens ad latus omnia experiris.
(And this is no secret: for you're the kind of man who plays games while tiring out all things, clinging to someone's back side;)

frustra: nam insidias mihi instruentem/tangam te prior irrumatione.
(But in vain: for I shall preemptively assault you with rape, since you devise tricks against me;)

atque id si faceres satur, tacerem:
(But if you would truly do this one thing, I should hold my peace:)

nunc ipsum id doleo, quod esurire/me me puer et sitire discet.
(Now I grieve that my boy leaves me for hunger and thirst;)

quare desine, dum licet pudico/ne finem facias, sed irrumatus.
(But just stop it, while it befits a prudent man, for fear that you meet your end, only fucked up.)