Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession of Norcia (Confessione di Norcia)

Author unknown
c. 1070 A.D. (over 9oo years ago)
Proto-Italian/Vulgar Latin
Trans RMBullard


La formula di confessione di Norcia (Umbria) fu scritta nella seconda metà del secolo XI in un codice dell' abbazia di San Eutizio.
(The formula of the Confession of Norcia (now Umbria) was written in the 2nd half of the 11th century in a codex from the abbacy of San Eutizio.)

Domine mea culpa.
(My fault, my lord;)

Confessu so ad me senior Dominideu et ad mat donna sancta Maria de omnia mea culpa et de omnia mea peccata, ket io feci.
(I have confessed to my authority, the Lord God, and to my sacred lady Maria, for all my faults and all my sins that I have done;)

Me accuso de lu corpus Domini, k'io indignamente lu accepi.
(I proclaim myself in the name of the Lord’s body, which I have accepted most unworthily;)

Pregonde la sua sancta misericordia e la intercessione de li suoi sancti ke me nd'aia indulgentia de la parte de mme senior Dominideu et mat donna sancta Maria.
(I ask for your holy pity and the intercession of you holy rites that save me from wicked indulgence, by the grace of my high master Lord God and my sacred lady Maria;)

Et qual bene tu ai factu vi farai en quannanti, vi altri farai pro te, si sia computatu em pretiu de questa penitentia.
(And for everything that you have accomplished, I will venerate you forever; I will do other things for your sake, if I can be esteemed worthy of this forgiveness from you.)