Friday, March 11, 2011

Martial, Epigram 6.7

Marcus Valerius Martialis
1st-2nd c. AD (over 1,900 years ago)
Trans. RMBullard
Latin (Silver Age)

Iulia lex populis ex quo, Faustine, renata est atque intrare domos iussa Pudicitia est, aut minus aut certe non plus tricesima lux est, et nubit decimo iam Telesilla viro.
(The Lex Iulia has now been restored for the people, Faustinus, and Chastity has been ordered to enter our houses: either this is no less than and certainly no more than the thirtieth day, and Telesilla is already marrying her tenth husband;)

quae nubit totiens, non nubit: adultera lege est.
(The woman who marries so many times is not really marrying: she is technically an adulterer;)

offendor moecha simpliciore minus.
(A simpler floozy insults me less.)