Friday, March 11, 2011

Martial, Epigram 7.67 [CAUTION: LEWD SUBJECT/MATTER]

Marcus Valerius Martialis
1st-2nd c. AD (over 1,900 years ago)
Trans. RMBullard
Latin (Silver Age)

Pedicat pueros tribas Philaenis et tentigine saevior mariti undenas dolat in die puellas.
(The sexual deviant, Philaenis, backdoors his boys, and more savagely than a lustful husband, pokes  girls in daylight;)

harpasto quoque subligata ludit et flavescit haphe, gravesque draucis halteras facili rotat lacerto, et putri lutulenta de palaestra uncti verbere vapulat magistri:
(She, her clothes bound back, even fools around with the ball and fondles in the sand, and with her smooth flank, she twirls around dumbbells, heavy enough for a weightlifter, and muddying herself with filth from the wrestling floor, she is massaged by her greasy instructor with a slap;)

nec cenat prius aut recumbit ante quam septem vomuit meros deunces;
(She doesn't dine beforehand or recline before she has spat up seven cups of wines;)

ad quos fas sibi tunc putat redire, cum colyphia sedecim comedit.
(She thinks it right to return these drinks to herself, while she gobbles sixteen chops of meat;)

post haec omnia cum libidinantur, non fellat-putat hoc parum virile, sed plane medias vorat puellas.
(After these, when everything has been sexed out, she does not fellate: she thinks this not manly enough; instead she devours the insides of her own girls;)

di mentem tibi dent tuam, Philaeni, cunnum lingere quae putas virile.
(May the gods bestow a penis unto you, Philaenis, since you think licking pussy is manly.)