Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Columba, On Prophetic Revelations Book 1

St. Columba, or Colm Cille
521-597 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Early Medieval Era)



Caput 1: De Virtutum Miraculis Brevis Narratio
[Chapter 1: A Brief Summary regarding the miracles of virtues]

VIR itaque venerandus qualia virtutum documenta dederit, in hujus libelli primordiis, secundum nostram praemissam superius promissiunculam, breviter sunt demonstranda.
[And so, I will show you in the very beginning of this little book how a venerable man can show you proof of his good qualities, and this will fulfill the little promise I made in the space above.]

 Diversorum namque infestationes morborum homines, in nomine Domini Jesu Christ, virtute orationum, perpessos sanavit:
[And now, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the virtue of his sermons, he cured men suffering deeply from all kinds of ailments:]

 daemonumque infestas ipse unus homo, et innumeras contra se belligerantes catervas, oculis corporalibus visas, et incipientes mortiferos super ejus coenobialem coetum inferre morbos, hac nostra de insula retrotrusas primaria, Deo auxiliante, repulit.
[With God's help, this one man cast back the infestations of demons, and the countless hoardes of men waging war against them, evil visions from the eyes, and those who were bringing to bring in deadly disease through unions with prostitutes, and the first *retrotrusas?* from this island of ours.]

 Bestiarum furiosam rabiem, partim mortificatione, partim fort repulsione, Christo adjuvante compescuit.
[With the help of Christ, he restrained the furious rage of beasts, in part by killing them, and in part by repelling them with his strength.]

 tumores quoque fluctuum, instar montium aliquando in magna tempestate consurgentium, ipso ocius orante, sedati humiliatique sunt;
[And also the swells of the flood, at times as though in a great tempest of mountains surging up together, were calmed and laid low as soon as the man began to pray.]

navisque ipsius, in qua et ipse casu navigabat, tunc temporis, facta tranquillitate, portum appulsa est optatum.
[and this is the ship of the very fellow, in which he began to sail by chance, and at that time, when peace was established, the gate of time desired for it to get going.]

In regione Pictorum aliquantis diebus manens,
[Remaining for a couple of days in the region of Pictii]

 inde reversus
[he then turned back]

ut magos confunderet,
[so that he could pool together his magicians,]

 contra flatus contrarios venti erexit velum,
[he then raised his sails against the opposing winds]

et ita veloci cursu ejus navicula enatans festinabat,
[and therefore he rushed his little fleeting forth, sailing out upon a swift track.]