Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Ghislain, Slumber

Gislenus Bultelius
1555-1611 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Renaissance Era)


(1) Ego me, premente somno
Placidae dedi quieti;
[It is I who have surrendered myself to peaceful sleep in my heavy slumber.]

Animum dolore fessum
Sopor altus occupauit.
[Deep sleepiness seized my mind, weary from grief.]

(5) Ibi se mihi Loysa
Dedit obuiam, manuque
Mihi dexteram praehendit,
[Louise approached, facing me over there, and took my right arm in her hand,]

Simul et procul reduxit
Syluae in uagos recessus.
[and at the same time, she led me back into the wandering recesses of the Forest.]

(10) Animas locus beatas
Scelerumque sorde puras
Habet ille Amorque castus
Volat huc et huc et illuc.
[This is a place for blessed and pure minds, free from wicked deeds, and that well-known and chaste god, Love, flits here and there and back again.]

Tenerae rosas puellae et
(15) Violas legunt et herbas.
[Tender maidens now pick roses, violets, and grasses.]

Bene olentibus parandis
Studet illa et haec corollis.
[Over here, a girl eager to smell them, a girl over there to make little garlands.]