Thursday, March 31, 2011

Statius, The Woods [Silvae]

Publius Papinius Statius [Statius]
45-96 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Imperial Era)



Diu multumque dubitavi, Stella iuvenis optime et in studiis nostris eminentissime,
[For a long time, I doubted very much, Stella, you must amazing young man---and most eminent in our field of study]

qua parte evolvisti,
[the place from where you rolled out,]

an hos libellos, qui mihi subito calore et quadam festinandi voluptate fluxerunt,
[or these little books that flowed down to me suddenly with hot passion and obeisance to the man rushing them out,]

cum singuli de sinu meo pro [ . . . . ] congregatos ipse dimitterem.
[when I myself was just putting them down on my lap, having gathered them together.]

quid enim o [ . . . . ] quoque auctoritate editionis onerari, quo adhuc pro Thebaide mea, quamvis me reliquerit, timeo?
[You see, why shall I fear to be burdened by the power of a published work, to whence it yet avails my own work, the Thebaid, however much it has evaded me?]

sed et Culicem legimus et Batrachomachiam etiam agnoscimus,
[but I read the Culex, and also know about the Batrachomachia.]

 nec quisquam est inlustrium poetarum
[nor is there any one of the famous poets]

qui non aliquid operibus suis stilo remissiore praeluserit.
[who could've performed anything among their works in a more subdued style.]