Monday, March 21, 2011

Zonaras, Book of Histories (Epitome Historiarium)

Ioannes Zonaras [John Zonaras]
12th c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval/Byzantine Era)


[.....] ex Caesarianis autem et Getae militibus ad XX millia occidit:
[Still, up to 20,000 men had died among Caesarian and Geta's troops:]

Roma multis viris fortibus spoliata, ensem quo frater occisus est, consecravit.
[...after Rome was plunded by a horde of strong warriors, the --aforementioned--fellow dedicated the sword that killed his brother.]

a caedibus ad ludos descendit, ac ne eos quidem incruentos.
[He went immediately from blood-letting to public games, lest these men grow even more bloodthirsty.]

in milites liberalissimus:
[He was quite generous to his troops:]

caeteros mortales, senatorii praesertim ordinis, vexare, spoliare, deglubere studio habuit.
[He eagerly allowed them to kill, harass, rob and rape inhabitants, particularly from the senatorial class;]

sic 613 autem per omne tempus imperii illius, omnes populi Romani provinciae vastatae sunt,
[And still, accordingly, throught course of the entire 613 years of his empire, all of the provinces of the Roman people were destroyed:]

ut cum aliquando Julia dixisset:
[and this compelled Julia to say, at some point or another in history:]

"nullus nobis, neque iustus neque iniustus quaestus relinquitur, stricto ense responderit: bono animo es, o mater, dum enim hunc tenuerimus, nihil nobis deerit".
[There being no just or unjust search left, when the sword is drawn, no one will have to reply to you: oh mother, you are kind, you see, so long as I can keep this sword, I shall lack nothing."]

 ad omnia caetera flagitia etiam perfidus fuit.
[He was perfidious when it came to inflicting other types of pain too.]

nam Osrocnes regem Abgarum per amicitiae speciem ad se vocatum, in vincula coniecit:
[you see, he imprisoned Oscrocnes, the king of the Abrages, who had once summoned to him through the pretense of an alliance:]