Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 18 2011: De ciborum pretio

De ciborum pretio [Food prices on the rise]

Nummariae Mundanae Praeses Robertus Zoellick affirmavit ciborum cuncta pretia 36 centesimis (36%) hoc anno aucta esse.
 [The President of the World Bank confirmed today that all prices in food had risen 36 cents <36%> this year.]

Itaque a mense Iunio anni 2010 hominum 44 miliones in maximam egestatem pervenerunt in orbe terrarum ob hoc pretiorum incrementum.
 [Therefore, since June 2010, 44 million people in the world reached the point to critical starvation on account of this increase in prices.]

Quotannis Index Pretiorum ad res alimentarias pertinentium a Nummaria Mundana conficitur
 [Every year, the Pricing Index is calculated as it pertains to food supply by the World Bank]

ex quo comperitur hominum 1.200 miliones paupertatem pati nec satis cibi habere.
 [from which it has been discovered that 1.2 billion people now live in poverty or do not have an adequate amount of food.]

Etiam putatur ab 10 cent.(10%) incremento decem miliones ad paupertatem impelli.
 [Some even think that the 10 million people have been forced to poverty by this 10% increase.]

Maiora incrementa anno 2010 acceperunt maizium (74%) frumentum (69%) soia Asiana (36%) saccharum (21%).
 [The largest increases of 2010 affected the prices of corn (74%), grain (69%), soy bean (36%) and sugar (21%).]

Pauperrimae nationes inflatione alimentaria durius afficiuntur quam divites.
 [The poorest nations are now been affected by inflation more seriously than the wealthy ones.]

Ciborum pretium non longe distat a petrolei pretio
 [The price of food is not remotely unrelated to the price of petroleum]

quod sua vice ob res politicas labefactantes in Africa Septentrionali incrementatur.
 [which has increased in turn because of the conflicting events in northern Africa.]

Perturbationes politicae non gratiis aguntur.
 [The political disturbances continue, but not without a price.]

Scripsit Paulus Kangiser - - 18/04/2011 12h56, written by Paul Kangiser, translated by RMBullard