Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catullus, Poem 34

Gaius Valerius Catullus
84-54 BCE (over 2,000 years ago)
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Golden Age/Republican Era)

XXXIV. carmen Dianae

DIANAE sumus in fide
puellae et pueri integri:
[We are the pure boys and girls devoted to the worship of Diana;]

Dianam pueri integri
puellaeque canamus.
[We pure boys and girls will now sing of Diana.]

o Latonia, maximi
magna progenies Iouis,
[O Latonia, great daughter of the greatest of all gods, Jove,]

quam mater prope Deliam
deposiuit oliuam,
[your mother delivered your near an olive tree upon Delos,]

montium domina ut fores
siluarumque uirentium
saltuumque reconditorum
amniumque sonantum:
[so that you could become the patroness of the mountains, and lush forests, and hidden meadows, and noisy creeks:]

tu Lucina dolentibus
Iuno dicta puerperis,
[It is you who are call Juno Lucina to women suffering birth pangs,]

tu potens Triuia et notho es
dicta lumine Luna.
[You are powerful Trivia, and you were the called the shining Moon <Luna> from the light you shed.]

tu cursu, dea, menstruo
metiens iter annuum,
[It is you, goddess, who measure the year's journey by the course of the months,]

rustica agricolae bonis
tecta frugibus exples.
[and you fill up the rustic roofs of the country farmers with blessed fruits.]

sis quocumque tibi placet
sancta nomine, Romulique,
[May you, holy goddess, be accompanied by any name that so pleases you, and of Romulus,] 

antique ut solita es, bona
sospites ope gentem.
[as you were accustomed to do from the old times, may you support his people with blessed fortunes.]