Friday, April 29, 2011

Martial, Epigram 1.2

Marcus Valerius Martialis
1st-2nd c. AD (over 1,900 years ago)
Trans. RMBullard
Latin (Silver Age)


Qui tecum cupis esse meos ubicumque libellos
[You, who desire that to take my work everywhere,]

     et comites longae quaeris habere uiae,
[and who seek to have associates for your long journey.]

hos eme,
[well buy them,]

 quos artat breuibus membrana tabellis:
[that is, those ones join the outer binding of my short little tablets.]

     scrinia da magnis,
[give your desks to long works,]

 me manus una capit.
[a single hand can hold me.]

Ne tamen ignores ubi sim uenalis
[And still, don't ignore the places where I am sold,]

et erres
     urbe uagus tota,
[and when you wander around listlessly through the whole city,]

 me duce certus eris:
[and you can feel sure with me as your guide:]

libertum docti Lucensis quaere Secundum
     limina post Pacis Palladiumque forum.
[look for the freedmen Secundus, of wise Lucensis, right by the entrance of the Temple of Peace, and Palladium in the Forum.]