Friday, April 29, 2011

Nepos, Iphicrates

Cornelius Nepos
100-24 BCE
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Republican Era/Golden Age of Latin Literature)


[1] IPHICRATES Atheniensis non tam magnitudine rerum gestarum quam disciplina militari nobilitatus est.
[Iphicrates, an Athenian, was not so famed from the greatest of his accomplishments, than his military discipline.]

Fuit enim talis dux,
[You see, he was the kind of leader]

ut non solum aetatis suae cum primis compararetur,
[such that he was not only compared with the leading men of his generation,]

sed ne de maioribus nata quidem quisquam anteponeretur.
[but also that, when it came to greater men, no one could outrank him in terms of birth.]

 2 Multum vero in bello est versatus,
[In fact, he was very well-versed in warfare,]

saepe exercitibus praefuit;
[and he was often put at the head of his forces;]

nusquam culpa male rem gessit,
[He never did anything with malintention,]

 semper consilio vicit
[he always prevailed in his counsel,]

 tantumque eo valuit,
[and he was capable to such a point,]

ut multa in re militari partim nova attulerit,
[such that he could carry out many things in the field of warfare, even innovative ones,]