Saturday, May 14, 2011

Addison, Sphaesterium

Joseph Addison
1672-1719 AD 

Trans. RMBullard
Latin (Modern Age)


            Hic, ubi graminea in latum sese explicat aequor
[Here, where grassy flatness reveals itself upon the wide sea,]

vacuoque ingens patet area campo,
[the large pit of sand spreads along its empty field,]

            Cum solem nondum fumantia prata fatentur
[when the smoking meadowns not yet admit the rise of the sun]

et tumidae pendent in gramine guttae,
[and the swollen dew drops hang upon the grass,]

            Improba falx noctis parva incrementa prioris
[the merciless blade of the previous night cuts down in small increments,]

 exiguam radens a cespite messem:
[while it scrapes the scant harvest from its turf]:

            Tum motu assiduo saxum versatile terram
            Deprimit extantem,
[At that time, the tumbling rock pressed down the protruding earth in constant motion,]

et surgentes atterit herbas.
[and tears up the rising blades of glades.]