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Author unknown, Victory of Pisa

Author unknown11th c. AD
trans RMBullard 
Latin (Medieval Era) 

Anonymous (1088 A.D.)

1. Inclitorum Pisanorum scripturus istoriam,
antiquorum Romanorum renovo memoriam:
[I, who am about to describe the history of famous men from Pisa, now call back the memory of the ancient Romans.]

nam extendit modo Pisa laudem admirabilem,
[you see, Pisa already stretches forth its wondrous cause of praise,]

quam recepit olim Roma vincendo Cartaginem.
[since the very time when Rome once received the city of Carthage after defeating her.]

2. Manum primo Redemptoris collaudo fortissimam,               5
[In the first place do I praise completely the strongest hand there is, that of the Redeemer,]

qua destruxit gens Pisana gentem impiissimam.
[by which the Pisan people destroyed that most wicked nation.]

Fit hoc totum Gedeonis simile miraculo,
[This turns out completely the same as Gideon's miracle]

quod perfecit sub unius Deus noctis spatio.
[a miracle which God performed in the space of a single night.]

3. Hic cum tubis et lanternis processit ad prelium,
[He processed to battle with trumpets and lanterns,]

nil armorum vel scutorum protendit in medium:               10
[He stretched forth no piece of arms or shields in the very midst of it:]

sola virtus Creatoris pugnat terribiliter,
[The courage of the Creator alone fought most dreadfully,]

inter se Madianitis cesis mirabiliter.
[and by miracle, the Madiani caused their own slaughter.]

4. Sunt et [hi] Madianite signati ex nomine:
[And these men were appointed by the Madian name:]

hos in malo nam Madia nutriebat omine,
[that is, those men whom Madia used to nourish with a ill leader <name?>,]

sita pulchro loco maris,
[here is the site in its fine-looking spot near the sea,]

 civitas hec impia,               15
[this is its unholy city]

que captivos constringebat plus centena milia.
[which once put in chains more than 100,000 prisoners.]

5. Hic Timinus presidebat,
[There Timinos used to rule]

 Saracenus impius,
[and wicked Saracens]

similatus Antichristo, draco crudelissimus,
[both like to the Antichrist, the most cruel serpent you can find]

habens portum iuxta urbem factum artificio,
[a man holding the gate by city, fashioned by ruse]

circumseptum muris magnis et plenum navigio.               20
[a open to the sea and surrounded by great walls.]

6. Hic tenebat duas urbes opibus ditissimas
[This man held control of two of the richest cities]

et Saracenorum multas gentes robustissimas,
[and many of the strongest nations of Saracens,]

stultus et superbus nimis,
[but he was foolish, and much too proud,]

 elatus in gloria,
[and carried away in his glory,]

qua de causa Pisanorum fit clara victoria.
[and this is the reason that Pisa's victory manifested.]

7. Hic cum suis Saracenis devastabat Galliam,        
[This man, while he was setting destruction upon Gaul with his Saracens forces,]

captivabat omnes gentes que tenent Ispaniam
[he began to take prisoner all of the tribes that control Spain]

et in tota ripa maris turbabat Italiam,
[and he put Italy in disarray along the entire coast of its sea,]

predabatur Romaniam usque Alexandriam.
[and he plundered lands from Romania all the way to Alexandria.]

8. Non est locus toto mundo neque maris insula,
[There is not a place in the entire world, nor an island in the sea,]

quam Timini non turbaret orrenda perfidia:               30
[that the horrendous treachery of Timinus did not wreck:]

Rodus, Ciprus, Creta [simul], simul et Sardinia
[Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete, and Sardinia, all were put to panic at the same time,]

 et cum illis nobilis Sicilia.
[and along with those, noble Sicily.]

9. Hinc captivi Redemptorem clamabant altissime
[From then on, the captives began to shout the name of the Redeemer, at their highest voice]

et per orbem universum flebant amarissime:
[and most bitterly as possible, they began to weep for the fate of the entire world,]

reclamabant ad Pisanos planctu miserabili,               35
[and they were calling back to the Pisans, in miserable weeping,]

concitabant Genuenses fletu lacrimabili.
[the Genovans stirred up a commotion with tearful crying.]

10. Hoc permotus terremotu hic uterque populus
iniecerunt manus suas ad hoc opus protinus
[And stricken by this kind of shaking of the earth, both of these peoples threw their hands upon the following endeavor, all at once,]

et componunt mille naves solis tribus mensibus,
[and for only space of three months, they gathered a thousands ships,]

quibus bene preparatus stolus lucet inclitus.               40
[in which a well-prepared journey shine out, and become famous.]

11. Convenerunt Genuenses virtute mirabili
[The Genovans came together with miraculous courage]

et adiungunt se Pisanis amore amabili.
[and allied themselves to the Pisans, with an admirable sense of passion.]

Non curant de vita mundi nec de suis filiis,
[They did not care about this world's life, nor even their own children,]

pro amore Redemptoris se donant periculis.
[they gave themselves to danger for the love of the Redeemer.]