Monday, May 16, 2011

Claudian, Panegyric on the 6th Consulship of Emperor Honorius

Claudius Claudianus [Claudian]
4th-5th c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Late Imperial/Christian Era) 



Me quoque Musarum studium sub nocte silenti
Artibus adsuetis sollicitare solet.
[The passion of the Muses also accustoms me to worry beneath the silent night sky, even when my limbs have made themselves comfortable.]

Namque poli media stellantis in arce videbar
Ante pedes summi carmina ferre Iovis;
[You see, I imagine myself playing songs beneath the feet of the greatest god, Jove, right in the middle of the starry heaven's citadel;]

Vtque favet somnus, plaudebant numina dictis               15
Et circumfusi sacra corona chori.
[Such that when sleep comes to the aid, men esteem the powers of the gods with declarations and the sacred wreath of a gathered chorus of singers.]

Enceladus mihi carmen erat victusque Typhoeus:
[Enceladus and the defeated Typhon were subjects of my song:]

Hic subit Inarimen, hunc gravis Aetna domat.
[On this side, Inarimen collapses, on the other, heavy Etna overpowers him.]

Quam laetum post bella Iovem susceperat aether
Phlegraeae referens praemia militiae!               20
[What happily had the upper skies support Jove, after the wars, as it brought him the spoils of the Phlegraean army!]

Additur ecce fides nec me mea lusit imago,
[And look, loyalty is added, nor did my own image fool me,]

Inrita nec falsum somnia misit ebur.
[Nor did any false path of ivory send me illegitimate dreams.]

En princeps, en orbis apex aequatus Olympo!
[Behold, you prince, behold, summit of the world, equal to Olympus!]

En quales memini, turba verenda, deos
Fingere nil maius potuit sopor,
[Behold the types of gods--an awe-inspiring lot-no greater slumber could fashion,]