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de Voragine, St. Christopher

Jacobus de Voragine/Giacomo da Varazze  [de Voragine]
1230-1298 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


Christophorus gente Cananaeus, procerissimae staturae vultuque terribili erat
[Christopher was from the nation of Cananea, and had the most frightening countenance, and most physically built stature.]

 et XII cubitos in longitudine possidebat.
[and he measured 7 cubits in height.]

Qui, ut in quibusdam gestis suis legitur,
[He , as it's read in a certain number of his feats,]

 cum staret cum quodam rege Cananaeorum,
[when he stood alongside one king of Cananea,]

venit sibi in mentem,
[it came to his mind,]

ut maiorem principem, qui in mundo esset, quaereret
[for him to seek a greater leader, whoever exist on earth,]

 et ad eundem secum moraturus accederet.
[and that he go there, and wait by his side.]

Venit igitur ad quendam maximum regem,
[And so, he journeyed to one of the greatest kings,]

 de quo generalis fama habebatur,
[after which he began to feel the emotion more strongly,]

 quod maiorem mundus principem non haberet.
[because the world had no greater leader.]

 Quem rex videns libenter recepit
[The king, seeing him, happily received him,]

et in sua curia manere fecit.
[and he had him wait in his royal court.]

 Quodam autem die ioculator quidam cantionem coram rege cantabat,
[At any rate, one day, there was particular jester began to sing a song in front of the king,]

in qua frequenter diabolum nominabat.
[one in which he frequently mentioned the devil's name.]

 Rex autem cum fidem Christi haberet, quemcumque diabolum nominari audiebat, protinus in faciem suam crucis signaculum imprimebat.
[And yet, the king, since he believed in the Christian faith, each time he heard the devil's name called, he immediately made a small gesture of the Crucifix on his face.]

 Quod videns Christophorus plurimum admirabatur,
[Which, when Christopher began to gaze upon him a great deal,]

 cur hoc rex ageret et quidnam huiusmodi signum sibi vellet.
[he wished to know why the king was doing this, and whatever type was the sign he was making.]

 Cum autem de hac re regem interrogaret
[And yet, after he asked the king about the matter,]

et ille hoc sibi manifestare nollet,
[and the other did not wish to reveal the answer to him,]

respondit Christophorus:
[Christopher replied:]

"Nisi hoc mihi dixeris,
["Unless you shall've declared what this thing is to me,]

 tecum ulterius non manebo."
[I will not remain by your side any longer."]

 Quapropter coactus rex dixit ei:
[Compelled by that account, the king said to him:]

 "Quemcumque diabolum nominari audio,
["Whenever I hear the devil's name being called,]

 hoc signo me munio timens,
[I, growing afraid, shield myself with this sign,]

 ne in me potestatem accipiat
[so that he can't wield his power upon me]

mihique noceat."
[and do me harm."]

 Cui Christophorus:
[And Christopher said to him:]

 "Si diabolum, ne tibi noceat, metuis,
["If you fear the devil, that he might do harm to you,]

ergo ille maior et potentior te esse convincitur,
[therefore he is esteemed to be greater, and more powerful, than you,]

 quem in tantum formidare probaris.
[whom you've accepted to fear so greatly.]

 Frustratus igitur sum spe mea putans,
[And so, I gained no success, thinking in my hope,]

 quod maiorem et potentiorem mundi dominum invenissem,
[that I had found a greater and more powerful master of the world,]

 sed iam nunc valeas,
[but I now bid you farewell at this point,]

 quia ipsum diabolum quaerere volo,
[you see, I wish to seek this "devil"]

ut ipsum mihi in dominum assumam et eius servus efficiar."
[so that I can take him to be master, and be made to serve him."]

Discessit igitur ab illo rege
[And so, he left that king's side,]

et diabolum quaerere properabat.
[and he hasten to seek out the devil.]

 Cum autem per quandam solitudinem pergeret,
[And yet, while he was living his life as a hermit,]

 vidit magnam multitudinem militum,
[he caught sight of a great throng of soldiers,]

quorum quidam miles ferus
[one of whom was a particularly fierce soldier,]

 et terribilis veniebat ad eum
[and with a terrible force, he approached him,]

et, quonam pergeret, requisivit Cui Christophorus respondit:
[and when he demanded to know where he was heading, Christopher replied to him:]

 "Vado quaerere dominum diabolum,
["I'm going to seek the master called the devil,]

ut ipsum in dominum mihi assumam."
[so that I can make him my master."]

 Cui ille: "Ego sum ille, quem quaeris."
[The other said to him: "Well then, that man is I, the one you seek, that is."]