Friday, May 20, 2011

de Voragine, St. Mary Magdalene

Jacobus de Voragine/Giacomo da Varazze  [de Voragine]
1230-1298 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


[...] Cum autem quadam die Maria Magdalena praedicaret, praedictus princeps dixit ei:
[...when, however, Mary Magdalene was speaking publicly one day, the lead man, after being addressed, said to her:]

"Putas posse defendere fidem, quam praedicas!"
["You think you can defend the faith that you speak about!"]

 Cui illa:
[She replied to him:]

"Equidem illam defendere praesto sum,
["Why indeed, I am ready to defend it,]

 utpote quotidianis miraculis et praedicatione magistri mei Petri, qui Romae praesidet, roboratam."
[and yes indeed, it is strengthened by miracles that happen everyday, and by the leadership of my instructor Peter, who presides in Rome."]

 Cui princeps cum coniuge dixit:
[The lead man, accompanied by his wife, said to her:]

"Ecce dictis tuis per omnia obtemperare parati sumus,
["Well look, we are prepared to follow your words in every respect,]

 si a Deo, quem praedicas, nobis filium impetrabis.
[if you can provide us the son that you predict."]

 - "Propter hoc"' inquit Magdalena, "non remanebit."
[Magdalene said, "She will not remain so on account of this."]

Tunc beata Maria pro ipsis Dominum exoravit,
[And then blessed Mary prayed to the Lord for their sakes,]

ut sibi filium concedere dignaretur.
[that he deem it worthy to show his son to them.]

 Cuius preces Dominus exaudivit
[The Lord heard her prayers]

et matrona illa concepit.
[and that matron conceived a child.]

 Tunc vir eius coepit velle proficisci ad Petrum,
[And then, her husband began to desire to go and see Peter,]

ut probaret, si, ut Magdalena de Christo praedicaverat,
[so that he could test, if, just as Magdalene had predicted about Christ,]

sic veritas se haberet.
[that it was really true.]

 Cui uxor dixit:
[His wife said to him:]

 "Quid est, domine!
["What's the matter, my husband!]

Putasne sine me proficisci!
[Are you thinking of leaving without me?]

[Far from it.]