Friday, May 20, 2011

de Voragine, The Virgin of Antioch

Jacobus de Voragine/Giacomo da Varazze  [de Voragine]
1230-1298 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


Virgo quaedam fuit Antiochiae, cuius historiam Ambrosius in secundo libro
 De Virginibus recitat in haec verba:
[There was once a maiden from Antioch, whose life  Ambrosius recites in the second book of his work "Maidens", in the following words:]

Antiochiae nuper virgo quaedam fuit,
[there was recently one particular maiden from Antioch,]

 fugitans publici visus ostentationem.
[who fled the showiness of the public's eey.]

 Sed quo magis vitabat oculos,
[But the more she fled people's eyes,]

 incendebat affectus eo amplius impudicos.
[the more she set aflame the lusts of unchaste men.]

Pulchritudo enim audita nec visa plus desideratur duobus stimulis cupiditatum amoris et cognitionis,
[You see, her beauty, which was heard of but never seen, was desired more by the twin goads of desire, passion and fulfilment,]

dum et nihil occurrit,
[so long as nothing happens,]

 quod minus placeat,
[the less pleasure is gain,]

 et plus putatur esse, quod placeat;
[and that which is the cause of pleasure, is actually esteemed more highly.]

 quod non index oculus explorat,
[that is, something which the eye cannot explore as our guide,]

 sed animus amator exoptat.
[but a lover still completely desires in his mind.]

Itaque sancta virgo, ne diutius aleretur potiendae spes cupiditatis,
[And so, the holy maiden, in order to prevent any hope or desire that she could be won over from being encouraged any longer,]

integritatem pudoris professa,
[after professing her chastity to be intact,]

sic restrinxit improborum facies,
[thusly rejected any malfactors who appeared in her sight,]

 ut iam non amaretur, sed proderetur.
[not because she could not be loved, but because she could not be betrayed.]

 Ecce persecutio.
[And thus you see the cause of her persecution.]

Puella fugere nescia, aetate pavida.
[The girl did not know to flee, in her frightened young age.]

Ne incideret in insidiatores pudoris,
[To prevent herself from falling to the hands of people who would rob her of her chastity,]

animam ad virtutem paravit,
[she prepared a courage mindset for herself,]

 tam religiosa, ut mortem non timeret,
[she was so religious that she did not fear death,]

 tam pudica, ut mortem exspectaret.
[and so chaste that she began to expect it.]

Venit enim coronae dies.
[So came the day of her wedding crown.]

 Maxima omnium exspectatio.
[The expectation of all was at its highest point.]

 Producitur puella duplex professa certamen:
[A girl professed that she was in a two-sided struggle:]