Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Juvenal, Satire II

Decimus Junius Juvenalis [Juvenal]
1st-2nd c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Imperial Era)


Vltra Sauromatas fugere hinc libet
[I want to escape from here to the lands beyond the Sarmatians,]

 et glacialem
[and the icy Ocean,]

quotiens aliquid de moribus audent
[every time they dare to say anything about our traditions]

qui Curios simulant et Bacchanalia uiuunt.
[that is, men who pretend to be the Curii, but live out Bacchanalias.]

indocti primum, quamquam plena omnia gypso
Chrysippi inuenias;
[First of all, they are dummies, although you might all kinds of things marked with Chrysippus' chalk;]

 nam perfectissimus horum,               5
[you see, he's the most accomplished of these kinds of fellows,]

si quis Aristotelen similem uel Pittacon emit
[if a guy buys Aristotle, or Pittacus,]

et iubet archet pluteum seruare Cleanthas
[and orders one to keep a Cleanthes intact on the shelf]
frontis nulla fides;
[There's no point believing a man's face;]

 quis enim non uicus abundat
tristibus obscenis?
[I mean, what street corner does overflow with pitiful obscenities?]

 castigas turpia, cum sis
inter Socraticos notissima fossa cinaedos?               10
[And can you criticize sick acts, when you're the most notorious ass-crack among those Socratic degenerates?]