Monday, May 9, 2011

Roman Epitaphs B 83

Remains of the Appian Way in Rome, near Quarto Miglio [photo: Wikipedia, Appian Way]

 B 83

Homo es:
[You are a man:]

resiste et tumulum contempla meum.
[stand back and ponder upon my tomb.]

iuenis tetendi ut haberem quod uterer.
[it belongs to an honorable young man that I've grown accustomed to hold.]

iniuriam feci nulli,
[he did no harm to anyone,]

officia feci pluribus.
[and he did good deeds for very many.]

bene vive, propera,
[Live well, and run along,]

 hoc est veniundum tibi.
[and this same fate will undoubtedly come to you.]