Friday, May 20, 2011

Seneca the Younger, Soliloquoy of Hercules

Lucius Annaeus Seneca  [Seneca the Younger]
1BC-65 AD *executed by Emperor Nero
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Imperial Period)


Hercvles Sator deorum,
[This is Hercules speaking, o sire of the gods,]

 cuius excussum manu
utraeque Phoebi sentiunt fulmen domus,
[you whose house feel the lightning bolt on both sides of Phoebus, once hammered out in your hand, ]

secure regna:
[assure the safety of your reign:]

protuli pacem tibi,
[I've brought you peace,]

quacumque Nereus porrigi terras uetat.
[everywhere Nereus forbids the lands to reach any further.]

non est tonandum;
[You must not thunder;]

perfidi reges iacent,    
[treacherous kings now lie dead,]

saeui tyranni.
[and savage tyrants too.]

 fregimus quidquid fuit
tibi fulminandum.
[I've shattered whatever reason you've had to thunder about.]

sed mihi caelum, parens,
adhuc negatur?
[But, my father, do you still deny me access to heaven?]

parui certe Ioue
ubique dignus teque testata est meum
patrem nouerca.
[IEverywhere, I've proved myself worthy of being a son of Jove, and even my stepmother once testified that you are my father.]

 quid tamen nectis moras?     
[And yet, why do you delay my right to divine nectar?]

numquid timemur?
[It can't be that I'm afraid!]

 numquid impositum sibi
non poterit Atlas ferre cum caelo Herculem?
[Can Atlas really manage to bear me, Hercules, and the sky too upon himself?]

quid astra, genitor, quid negas?
[What is it, my sire, why do you refuse?]

 mors me tibi
certe remisit,
[In truth, death reunited me with you,]

 omne concessit malum
quod terra genuit, pontus aer inferi:                              15
[Every wicked being that the earth produced, yield to my power, in air and sea:]

nullus per urbes errat Argolicas leo,
[No lion wanders through the towns of Argos,]

Stymphalis icta est,
[I've struck down the Stymphalian creatures,]

 Maenali nulla est fera;
[Maenalus no longer claims its monstrous beast;]

sparsit peremptus aureum serpens nemus
[The serpent fell dead, and splattered its golden forest]

et hydra uires posuit
[and the Hydra split its lifeblood out]

 et notos Hebro
cruore pingues hospitum fregi greges                              20
[and I broke fat flocks of guests, famous for Hebrus' blood]

hostique traxi spolia Thermodontiae.
[and I dragged my plunder to Thermodon's foe.]

uici regentem fata nec tantum redi,
[I defeated the one who rules our destinies, and I not only returned, ]

sed trepidus atrum Cerberum uidit dies
et ille solem.
[but he saw black Cerberus dragged out to daylight, and even he saw the sun.]

 nullus Antaeus Libys
animam resumit,
[No Antaeus of Libus regains his life force,]