Tuesday, July 19, 2011

St. Aelread, Spiritual Friendship

Aelread of Rievaulx [St. Aelread]
1100-1167 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)

[Chapter 1]

Libri hujus scribendi occasio
[The opportunity to write this book]

Cum adhuc puer essem in scholis,
[Even as I was a boy still in school,]

et sociorum meorum me gratia plurimum delectaret,
[and the popularity of my peers so very much delighted me,]

 et inter mores et vitia quibus aetas illa periclitari solet,
[and among the customs and vices by which that age of one's life is accustomed to be endangered,]

 totam se mea mens dedit affectui,
[my mind allowed itself to be totally affected,]

 et devovit amori;
[and to roll along down to love;]

ita ut nihil mihi dulcius,
[So it happened that nothing could seem sweeter to me,]

 nihil iucundius, nihil utilius quam amari et amare videretur.
[nothing could seem more pleasing, more useful than to love and be loved.]

 Itaque inter diversos amores et amicitias fluctuans,
[And so, as it wavered among various love affairs and friendships,]

 rapiebatur animus huc atque illuc:
[my mind was seized about here and there:]

 et verae amicitiae legem ignorans,
[and because it was ignorant of the laws of true companionship,]

eius saepe similitudine fallebatur.
[it was often deceived by the pretense of it.]

Tandem aliquando mihi venit in manus,
[But at last, and eventually, it fell into my hands,]

liber ille quem De amicitia Tullius scripsit;
[I mean the book I speak of, the one that Cicero wrote about on friendship;]