Friday, March 18, 2011

Adso, Concerning the Origin and Age of the Antichrist

Adso of Montier-en-Der 
10th c. AD France
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


Excellentissime regine ac regali dignitate pollenti, Deo dilecte omnibus que sanctis amabili, monachorum matri et sanctarum uirginum duci, domine regine Gerberge, frater Adso, suorum omnium seruorum ultimus, gloriam et pacem sempiternam.
1 [Most excellent queen of all--one flouring with regal dignity--and chosen by God, worthy of all sacred rites, the mother of monasteries and leader of the sacred bands of virgins, my mistress, Queen Gerberge, I, Friar Adso, as the very last of all of your servants, wish you glory and eternal peace.]

 Ex quo, domina mater, misericordie uestre gratiam promerui, semper uobis in omnibus fidelis fui, tanquam proprius seruus.
2 [My maternal mistress, it is with pity that I have earned your kindness--I was always faithful to your family in every affair, just like a proper slave should be.]

Vnde, quamuis indigne sint apud Dominum preces orationis mee,
3 [Whence, although the prayers in my speech are not fit for God's ears,]

 tamen pro uobis et pro seniore uestro, domino rege, necnon et pro filiorum uestrorum incolumitate Dei nostri misericordiam exoro,
4 [still, for your family's sake and the sake of its head, our lord the king, I call upon our God's omnipotence for any bit of pity that can help your children,]

 ut uobis et culmen imperii in hac uita dignetur conseruare et uos faciat in celis post hanc uitam se cum feliciter regnare.
5 [so that both the greatness of your rule be thought worthy to preserve your family throughout the course of this lifetime, and may it allow your family to rule happily alongside Him after life as well.]