Friday, March 18, 2011

Adalbertus, Song for King Rothbert

 Adalbertus Ranconis de Ericinio [Adalbertus] 
1320-1388 c. AD France
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


1 [Adalbero's Song for King Rotbert]

[PRAESULb]i [Ms. 14192]

iiRegi Rotberto sic praesul Adalbero scribo, [F° 32 v°]
Presulisciii in senio.
2 [So, as minister, I will write on behalf of King Rotbert, son of Presuliscius--he is now in his very last years of life.]

 Fratrum Laudunicus ordo,
Flos iuuenum fructusque senum, te mente salutat.
3 [The Laudunique Order of monks, the very best of our youths and the elite of our elders, have you in our thoughts.]

ivIn tabulis describe tui per singula cordis,
Quanta Deus tibi concessit, uel qualia misit ;
4 [Describe one-by-one from the 'tablets of your heart'
 all the things God has either granted or sent you.]

Dispice si merito, quid uerum sit trutinando.
5 [But, to your merit, omit anything that need still be rectified later.]

Patres namque tui longe : rex, induperator ;
[For indeed, your fathers include a king, and emperor]

Lac tibi suggentid dat nutrix induperatrix ;
[Your nurse, an empress, gives her milk to you.]

Mundus adhuc puero dominum metatur,
[The world fears its master, still a boy,]

 et omnis
Congaudet, plaudit manibus,
[and everyone rejoices together, claps their hands,]

letature et obtatf
In regem sibi, mox concordi uoce coronat :
[it will honor him in its literature, soon it will crown him with a harmonious voice:]