Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avienus, A Song for Nortia

Postumius Rufius Festus Avienus[Avienus]
4th c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Late Imperial/Early Christian Era)

Festus, Musoni suboles prolesque Avieni,
[Festus, progeny of Musonus and descendents of Avienus,]

unde tui latices traxerunt, Caesia, nomen
[from where your waters, Caesia, draws its name "Nortia",]

 te veneror, lare cretus Vulsiniensi,
Romam habitans, gemino proconsulis auctus honore,
[I worship you, who are descended from the Volsinian spirit, and who reside in Rome, now increased by the double honor of the proconsul,]

carmina multa serenus, vitam insons, integer aevum,
[serene from your numerous songs, innocent in life, whole in your age,]

coniugio laetus Placidae numeroque frequenti
natorum exsultans.
[He is happy from his marriage with Placida, and rejoices from the numerous number of his children.]

Vivax sit spiritus ollis!
[Let there be a lively spirit in his pots.]

Cetera composita fatorum lege trahentur.
[Let the other things, once set out, be drawn out according the Fate's law.]

Ibis in optatas sedes:
[You will go to the home you long for:]

 nam Iuppiter aethram
pandit, Feste, tibi, candidus ut venias
iamque venis.
[you see, Feste, shining Jove is now opening up heaven for you, so that you go, and now you already go.]

Tendit dextras chorus inde deorum
et toto tibi iam plauditur ecce polo.
[And there, the chorus of the gods now extend their greeting hands, and behold, they already clap for you along the entire expanse of the sky.]