Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bacon, History of the Reign of King Henry 7th of Anglia

Francis Bacon
1561-1626 AD
translated by RmBullard
Latin [Modern Era]



ILLUSTRISSIMO ET EXCELLENTISSIMO PRINCIPI CAROLO, PRINCIPI WALLIAE, DUCI CORNUBIAE, COMITI CESTRIAE ETC.  [To the most illustrious and excellent Prince Carolus of Wales, Commander of Cornubia, ally of Cestria, and other titles]

EXCELLENTISSIME PRINCEPS, [Most excellent prince,]

Ut in parte recognoscerem debitum infinitum quo celsitudini vestrae obstrictus sum, operam dedi ut honorem exhiberem memoriae regis illus Angliae qui ex progenitoribus regis patris vestri, et vestri ipsius, fuit postremus. 
 1 [I have made an attempt to recognize the eternal debt to which I have been tied, by your high power, and to put on display the honor of that well-known king of England, a man who has at last set himself apart from the forefathers of your fatherland and yourself.]

Cui regi utraque unio quodammodo attribui possit, quandoquidem illa rosarum in ipso consummata fuit, illa vero regnorum fundata et inchoata. 
2 [It can be once and for all be bestowed to this king, in one way or another, even as those well-known roses of events have already been enacted, and his kingdom has been firmly established and hailed.]
Quinetiam tempora eius celebrari merentur. 
 3 [Let me not forget to mention how deservedly his generation should be celebrated.]

Vir enim prudens fuit et rex egregius, tempora nihilominus sua turbida et mutationum et eventum rariorum plena.  
4 [You see, he was a prudent fellow, and a renowned king, despite the fact that his own time period was tempestuous and plagued by catastrophes and strange events.]

Etenim in temporibus idem usuvenit quod in viis, ut alia sint magis acclivia et declivia, alia vero pagis plana et aequabilia. 
5 [And still, he nevertheless was a servant for his period of time, since, even as there are some ups and downs, you must handle those events with a sense of equanimity and justice.]