Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thegan, The Life of the Emperor Ludvico (Louis)

Theganus Treviorum [Thegan of Trier]
800-850 AD
translated by RmBullard
Latin [Early Middle Ages]


1. Regnante domino nostro Iesu Christo in perpetuum.
1 [This was written under our ruler, who reigns eternally on behalf of Jesus Christ.]

Anno incarnationis eius octingentesimo tredecimo, qui est annus regni gloriosi et orthodoxi imperatoris Karoli quadragesimus quintus, illius Karoli qui de prosapia sancti Arnulfi, pontificis Christi, ortus est, sicut paterno relatu didicimus, et multae testantur historiae.
2 [After the 830th year of his incarnation, this is the 45th year of the glorious reign and law-abiding emperor Charles (or Carolus proper)--Charlemagne, that is--whose reign arose under the tutelage of the holy minister Arnulfus, the Christian pope, just as I have taught during his father's generation and as many histories can attest.]

Sanctus Arnulfus cum esset in iuventute dux, genuit Ansgisum ducem;
3 [When the holy minister Arnulfus was a general in the height of his youth, he had a son, the commander Ansgisus.]

Ansgisus dux genuit Pippinum seniorem et ducem:
4 [The general Ansgisus fathered Pippinus--Pepin-the Elder, who was also a general;]

Pippinus senior et dux genuit Karolum seniorem et ducem:
5 [The general Pepin the Elder then fathered another general Charles the Elder.]

Karolus senior et dux genuit Pippinum, quem Stephanus Romanus pontifex consecravit et unxit in regem:
6 [And the general Charles the Elder fathered another family member by the name of Pepin, whom Pope Stephan of Rome had ordained and anointed as king.]

Pippinus senior et rex genuit Karolum, quem Leo Romanus pontifex consecravit et unxit ad imperatorem in ecclesia ubi beatissimum corpus apostolorum principis Petri requiescit, die natalis domini nostri Iesu Christi.
7 [And King Pepin the Elder fathered Charles, whom Pope Leo of Rome consecrated and anointed as emperor in the very church where the most blessed body of the Apostles' leader, Peter, rests, on the birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ.]