Sunday, March 20, 2011

Claudian, Panegryic to Olybrius and Probinus

Claudius Claudianus [Claudian]
4th-5th c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Late Imperial/Christian Era)

[Claudian's Panegyric as recited to the Consuls Olybrius and Probinus]

Sol, qui flammigeris mundum conplexus habenis
volvis inexhausto redeuntia saecula motu,
[Hail Sun, who turn the revolving ages of time with an inexhaustible motion and embrace the world with your fiery rays of light,]

sparge diem meliore coma,
[scatter daylight with your superior head of hair,]

crinemque repexi
blandius elato surgant temone iugales
efflantes roseum frenis spumantibus ignis               5
[and when the starting gate is opened up, let your steeds, which breath out flames from their froathy reins, race up to comb back your hair all the more beautifully,]

iam nova germanis vestigia torqueat annus
consulibus, laetique petant exordia menses.
[since the ninth year already spins around upon the twins' consulships, and the happy months seek a new beginning.]

Scis genus Auchenium, nec te latuere potentes
[So you belong to the lineage of the Aucenes, and the powerful Amniades were did not hide you away,]

nam saepe soles ductoribus illis
instaurare vias
[You see, so often are you accustomed to establish paths for famous leaders]

 et cursibus addere nomen               10
[and to add your name to these kinds of courses]

 neque per dubium pendet Fortuna favorem
[nor does Fortune hang its favor upon uncertainty]

nec novit mutare vices,
[nor does it know how to alter its own vicissitudes]

sed fixus in omnes
cognatos procedit honos.
[but once fixed, it proceeds forth to all known offices of honor.]

 Quemcumque require
hac de stirpe virum:
[Once again seek from this stock here any man soever:]

certum est de consule nasci.
[certainly can you gain him from consular rank.]