Friday, March 18, 2011

incertus auctor, Caesar's African War

*attributed to Gaius Julius Caesar [but likely written by an unknown author, incertus auctor]
(uncertain dating)
Trans RMBullard

Caesar itineribus iustis confectis nullo die intermisso a. d. XIIII Kal. Ian. Lilybaeum pervenit statimque ostendit sese naves velle conscendere, cum non amplius legionem tironum haberet unam, equites vix DC.
1 [After all his righteous travels had been completed, he arrived on the 13th Kalends of January--refusing to take any break, and he immediately revealed his intention to disembark his galleys, since he had no more than a single legion of fresh recruits, and barely even 600 horsemen.]

Tabernaculum secundum litus ipsum constituit, ut prope fluctus verberaret.
2 [He built a structure along the coast so that it could border itself near the water.]

Hoc eo consilio fecit nequis sibi morae quicquam fore speraret et ut omnes in dies horasque parati essent.
3 [His intention was to not allow anyone to hope for any break for himself and so that his men could train every hour, every day possible.]

Incidit per id tempus ut tempestates ad navigandum idoneas non haberet.
4 [In this time of year, it occurred to him that he would not be able to sail through suitable weather.]

Nihilo tamen minus in navibus remiges militesque continere et nullam praetermittere occasionem profectionis, cum praesertim ab incolis eius provinciae nuntiarentur adversariorum copiae:
5 [Nevertheless, he decided to hold his oarsmen and soldiers up in the galleys and to allow no opportunities of leave, especially since the enemy battalions had been announced to be nearby by some inhabitants of this province.]