Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Latin-Portuguese Hybrid 1, Documento Latino-Português

Author unknown
c. 1008 A.D.
Proto-Portuguese/Vulgar Latin
Trans RMBullard

[1] (Christus). In D(e)i n(omi)ne.
[In the name of the Lord Christ.]

Nos Argerigo et Adosinda placuit nob(is) asto animo a(c) probria n(ost)ra uolumtate ut uinderem(us) tiui Eue- [2] nando [pres]b(ite)r sicut
[It so please us, Argerigo and Adosenda, with this intention and the necessary willingness on our part to allow you to be our official vicar,]

 et concedim(us) tiui in ista karta ereditatem n(ost)ra probria quos abem(us) in uila Manualdi terri[to]- [3] rio Portogal
[and he grant to you in this letter the inheritance with our approval should we ever die, over our estate in the Portuguese territory of Manualdo,]

et abuim(us) nos illa de abios et paremtes nostros in ipsa uila p(er) suo terminum antigũ ubiq(u)
[and we have gone away from grandparents and paretnts, who have lived on this estate for the long time,]

e ea potueritis inuenire [4] in kasas in pomares in uinias terras kalbas ecciam
[and on it, you can find houses, groves, vineywards, land, *kalbas [?], and horses [?]]

 et baruaras montes fontes aquis aquarum u(e)l sepsigas mulinar(um)
[and hills [?], mountains, river streams of water, or even water wills,]

de quanto [5] inde tenem(us) in n(ost)ro iure qum mater n(ost)ra Goda et uirum suo Trastemiro.
[as much stuff there that we own by our rights and that of our mother Goda, and her husband Trastemiro.]

Et est fora de alias tuas kartas q(u)e ian nos tiui inde [6] rouoram(us) mediatate integra tiui inde concedim(us).
[and there is also the book of your other letters which I've already sent to you, with its middle intact, so let me grant you this too:]

Et illa alia mediatate reserbam(us) pro nos.
[and I'm saving all those other ones left over for myself.]

 Et nec uindam(us) nec donem(us) [7] ad alio omine nisit ad ti ou tu a nos.
[and neither will we sell or give this to any one else except to you, or vice versa, you to use.]

Abeas firmiter de nostro dato et dam(us) tiui ea pro ocasione
[Please farewell with our gift, and we bequeath it to you on this occasion]

q(ue) abenit ad ipsa Adosinda [8]
[wherefore he went to his wife Adosinda]

 et in suo peccato deuenit a tradictjone
[and by mistake, he happened to cause damage <?>]

et abuit pro me a dare CL solidos
[and he agreed to give 150 gold coins]

et dedit inde illos L ad Uilifonso Mumdini - [9] zi.
[and he then gave 50 of them to Alfonso Mumdini]