Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nasreddin, Youth

13th c. AD Persia
Trans RMBullard
Persian/Farsi (Middle Ages)

از ملا پرسیدند
az mulla porsidand:
[Some people once asked a wise man:]

 ممکن است از مرد صد ساله زنش حامله شد
momken ast az mard e sad saale zanesh haamle shod
[Is it possible for a man who is 100-years-old to get his wife pregnant?]

و پسری بزاید؟ 
va pesari bezaayid?
[and bear a son?]

ملا جواب داد:
mulla jevaab daad:
[The wise man replied:]

اگر همیشه جوان بیست، سی ساله داشته باشد بلی
agar hamishe javaan bist, si saale daashte baashad bali!
[So long as she's 20 years young, he might as well be 30 years old!]