Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Politian, The Ambra

Angelo Ambrogini Poliziano  [Politian]
1454-1494 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Renaissance)

Spicea si Cereris templo suspensa corona
donum erat agricolae quondam

[There used to be a reward for any farmer who hung a garland of corn in the temple of the goddess Ceres.]

si uinitor uuam
seposuit Bromio, quoties praediuite cornu
Copia se fudit;

[If a man were a cultivator of a vineyard, he used to place a grape upon Bromius anytime the god poured out his load of wine from his copious horn.]

placidam si lacte recenti
pastores sparsere Palem, spumantia postquam
complerant olidam supra caput ubera mulctram,
primitias et quisque sui fert muneris auctor;  

[if ever any shepherds stained the peaceful-faced statue of Pales with fresh sheep milk, afterward they would guarantee that their milk pails they used to carry above their heads would be full of foamy liquid, and anybody benefiting from this boon is sure to hand over the first offerings.]