Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ennius, Annales (in fragments), Book 1

QVINTVS ENNIVS (239 - 169 B.C.)  FRAGMENTA  Annalium Liber I

Quintus Ennius [Ennius]
239-169 BC
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Republican Era)

Ilia Aoneae filia sororem adloquitur

[The Trojan daughter of Aonia speaks to the sister.]

Excita cum tremulis anus attulit artubus lumen, 32

Talia commemorat lacrimans, exterrita somno:

[When the old woman, upset, picked up the light with her trembling arms, weeping, she recalled the very events that had terrified her out of her sleep:]

'Eurudica prognata pater quam noster amavit,
Vires vitaque corpus meum nunc deserit omne.

['Eurudica, my sister, whom our father once loved, my strength and will to live have fully left my body.']

Nam me visus homo pulcher per amoena salicta

Et ripas raptare locosque novos:

[You see, I dreamed of handsome young man in a peaceful meadow and that he rushed along the riverbanks and other strange places:]

ita sola

Postilla germana soror, errare videbar
Tardaque vestigare et quaerere te, neque posse
[And also, I dreamed of our twin sister Postilla, who seemed to be wandering around alone, walking for a long time, and searching for you, but not being able to find you.]