Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sallust, Speech of Lepidus

Gaius Sallustius Crispus [Sallust]
86-35 BC
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Republican Era/Golden Age of Latin Literature)


1 Clementia et probitas vostra, Quirites,
[It is your mercy and your upstanding nature, fellow Romans,]

 quibus per ceteras gentis maxumi et clari estis,
[for which you are the most superior and distinguished above all other nations,]

plurumum timoris mihi faciunt advorsum tyrannidem L. Sullae,
[these qualities most of all make me feel fear against the tyranny of Lucius Sulla,]

 ne, quae ipsi nefanda aestumatis, ea parum credundo de aliis circumveniamini
[in hope that you dodge the things, which you would esteem incredibly evil yourselves, things which could little be believed by others,]

-- praesertim cum illi spes omnis in scelere atque perfidia sit neque se aliter tutum putet,
[especially since he thinks himself secure so long as all his hope relies on some crime or wicked scheme,]

 quam si peior atque intestabilior metu vostro fuerit, quo captis libertatis curam miseria eximat --
[rather than if your fear grew worse and more unspeakable, after which misery would remove any care for liberty from people taken captive,]

 aut, si provideritis, in tutandis periculis magis quam ulciscendo teneamini.
[or, if you should ahead to the future, you might find more value in securing yourselves from dangers than setting them right.]

2 Satellites quidem eius, homines maxumi nominis optumis maiorum exemplis, nequeo satis mirari,
[Why indeed, his attendants, all mean of the greatest reputation and from the best stock of our forefathers--and I cannot be impressed with them enough--]

 qui dominationis in vos servitium suum mercedem dant
[these are men who make their time of service to you a path to domination]

 et utrumque per iniuriam malunt quam optumo iure liberi agere,
[and who prefer to interact each other through insults rather than through the best legal system a free person can find,]

3 praeclara Brutorum atque Aemiliorum et Lutatiorum proles,
[these are your distinguished descendants of the Brutii, Aemilian, and Lutatii families,]

 geniti ad ea quae maiores virtute peperere subvortunda.
[these men are now born only to subvert the things that our forefathers had created from their virtue.]