Tuesday, March 29, 2011

author unknown, Testimonianze di Travale

author unknown
 11th c. AD
Trans RMBullard
Pro-Italian/Vulgar Latin (Medieval Era)

I due versicoli del così detto ritmo (o testimonianze) di Travale - forse un frammento d'un ritmo giullaresco del secolo XI - sono citati da un testimonio in un processo del 6 luglio 1158. 
[These two little verses, called the Rhyme (or Testimony) of Travale, were perhaps a fragment of a Giularescan rhyme from the 11th century--they were cited in the testimony of a procession on July 6 1158]

 T e s t i m o n i a n z e
d i   T r a v a l e

Testimonio in un processo del 6 luglio 1158: [This is an account of a procession from July 6 1158 AD]

    . . . et ab eodem Gkisolfolo audivit quod Malfredus fecit
    la guaita a Travale.
[...and from this very same fellow, Ghisolfolo, he heard that Malfredo had given Travele cause to yelp.]

    Sero ascendit murum et dixit:
[He climbed the wall late at night and replied:]

    Guaita, guaita male,
    non mangiai ma mezo pane.
[Your yelping...your yelping is nothing, I've eaten nothing but moldly bread!]

    et ob id remissum fuit sibi servitium. Et amplius non tornò mai a far guaita
[On account of this reponse, he was thrown into slavery. And he never returned to make a yelp ever again. ]