Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2 2011 De potestate in Litore Eburneo certatur (Power is being contested in Ivory Coast)

Militiae, quae Alassani Ouattara suffragiis praesidenti electo favent, Laurentium Gbagbo potestatem supremam deserere nolentem eiusque suffragatores in sede praesidentiali resistentes circumdant et obsident.
 [Armies favoring the president-elect Alassan Ouattara, have abandoning the command of Laurence Gbagbo, who is refusing to step down, and they are now surrounding and besieging his own supporters who are putting up a resistance at the presidential palace.]

Laurentii nuntius eum dixit in Litore Eburneo manere, ubi certamini contra usurpatores praeest.
[A spokesperson for Mr. Gbagbo said that he will remain in the Ivory Coast, where he was leads the fight against the usurpers.]

Acerrime certatur Abidiane apud palatium, ubi sclopetationes et mortariorum sonitus utrimque audiuntur.
 [The fighting is raging more fiercely in Abidian, near the palace, where gunfire and sounds of grenade launchers can be heard all around.]

Quingenti advenae a copiis Francogallicis in castra securitatis gratia adlati sunt.
 [Fifty foreigners have been rescued by French troops and brought to their military base.]

Scripsit Herimannus Novocomensis - 01/04/2011 23h32 -Written by Herman Novocomens, translated by RM Bullard