Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2 2011 Laurentius Gbagbo undique ab adversariis circumdatus est (Laurence Gbagbo is being surrounded all around by his adversaries)

Sectatores armati praesidis Alassane Ouattara hodie urbem Abidjan, caput Orae Eboris, aggressi sunt.
 [Armed supporters of President Alassane Ouattara attacked the city of Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast.]

Guilelmus Soro, qui regimini praeest, stationi televisificae Francogallicae „France 24“ dixit urbem obsideri, dum Laurentius Gbagbo, prior praeses, cladem suam confiteretur.
 [Guilelmo Soro, who leads the regime, said on the French television station France 24 that the city was being beseiged, while Laurence Gbagbo, the former president, is confessing to his own doomed situation.]

In quadam urbis regione direptionibus factis milites Francogalli se ostenderunt.
 [With attacks being made in the city's region, French soldiers are being to arrive on the scene.]

Asseclae Ouattarae sedem Laurentii Gbagbo circumdabant.
 [Ouattara's army was beginning to the surround the palace of Laurence Gbagbo.]

Nonnulli legati in exercitu prioris praesidis ad partes Ouattarae perfugisse dicuntur.
[Many commanders under the charge of the former president are said to have fled to Ouattara's faction.]

Ouattara ipse in oratione per televisionem emissa dixit sectatores suos non desinere pugnare pro democratia servanda et pro voluntate populi audienda.
 [For his part, Mr. Outtara said in a televised speech that he would not stop his own supporters from fighting to uphold democracy and to respect the will of the people.]

Choi Young-Jin, qui legationi Nationum Unitarum UNOCI praeest, in televisione Francogallica dixit L fere milia vigilum publicorum Laurentium Gbagbo deseruisse;
 [Choi Young-Jin, who heads the UNOCI embassy of the United Nations, said on French television that nearly 50,000 police officers had already deserted Laurence Gbagbo.]

quem nullas iam copias habere nisi cohortem suam praetoriam.
 [He said that he no longer commander any forces excepted his own personal security forces.]

Scripsit Volfgangus Austriacus - 01/04/2011 23h12, written by Wolfgang Austriac, translated by RMBullard