Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Opinio [Ephemeris, Dominico Caveosano]: Dei Napolitanum, Italiae Praesidem, diu servent!

Dei Napolitanum, Italiae Praesidem, diu servent! [God bless Napolitano, long-time president of Italy]

Centesimo et quinquagesimo anno adveniente ab Italia una natione creata, Praeses Georgius Napolitanus, summa alacritate et studio, iuvenili animo praeditus qui est, omnes cives hortatus est ut, discordiis varii generis amotis, in tota Italia rerum gestarum virorumque illorum memoria revocarent, a quibus patria communis creata est.
 [140 years after the Italy was founded as a nation, President Georgio Napolitano, with the utmost enthusiasm and passion, a man reputed for his youthful spirit, urged all his citizens to place aside the disharmony of various sorts, and recall a memory of their accomplishments and people all over Italy, through which a unified nation was created.]

Napoletani Praesidis iuvenile studium omnes partes et cives “corrupit”, praeter Ligam septentrionalem et nonnullos eiusdem factionis sectatores.
 [The youthful zeal of President Napoletano made a stark impact on all political parties and citizens, in addition to the Northern League and many other supporters of this party.]

Italiae cives permagni faciunt et amant Napolitanum. 
 [Italian citizens think highly of and love Napolitano.]

Quibus causis tantam existimationem et benevolentiam et in Italia et in ceteris nationibus collegit?
 [What are the reasons he can gather such great support and goodwill both in Italy and in other nations?]

Variae mea sententia sunt causae:
 [In many opinion, there are several reasons:]

pro libertate pugnavit (cum Italia a fascismo et nazismo opprimebatur); 
 [he fought for freedom, while Italy was being oppressed by fascism and Nazi control;]

ad supremas leges creandas contulit;
 [he contributed in the creation of the most influential laws;]

communista fuit (ut in prima imagine conspicitur) sed effecit ut haec pars democratica fieret (“meliorista” appellatus est); 
 [he was a Communist, as pictured in the first picture, but he made sure that this was a democratic political part, which called "meliorista"--"a better-ist"]

legislatoribus praefuit maxima cum aequitate; 
 [he benefit lawmakers with the utmost sense of fairness;]

probam vitam agit eiusque uxor (cui Clio nomen est et in imagine cum ipso filioque demonstratur) minime “first lady” videtur esse, 
 [and his wife, whose name is Clio and is shown in the picture alongside her son, lived an outstanding life, not only as a first lady should,]

quin etiam popularis mulier;
 [but also simply as a woman of the people;]

omnes fovet qui ubicumque pro libertate pugnant; 
 [also he supports anyone who fights for freedom, no matter where;]

Italiae cives hortatur ut rerum difficultates adeant maxima cum fide et concordia;
 [He presses the citizens of Italy to face their difficult challenges with the utmost sense of faith and unity;]

leges servat omnesque viros in re publica exercitatos admonet ut leges diligenter servent et honeste vitam agant (intelligenti … pauca!).
 [He obeys the laws, and he warns all officials of state to diligently serve the laws and live their lives honestly (easy to understand)!

Id omnes admonens in urbe Augusta Taurinorum (in infima imagine) vehementer Napolitanus commotus est ,
 [Napolitano, while urging this, was passionately moved in his visit to Torino <Augusta Taurinorum>, as pictured in the bottom]

quasi eum puderet, Italiae nomine, Berlusconii morum (minime decororum).
[because he felt ashamed of the things Berlusconi had done, in the name of Italy, which were far from honorable.]
Dei nostrum Praesidem diu servent, cuius exemplis et verbis nobis omnibus opus est!
 [God bless our long-time President, whose example and words we all need!]

Scripsit Dominicus Caveosanus - 12/04/2011 23h28-Written by Dominico Caveosano, translated by RMBullard