Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13 2011 Mubarak infarctu myocardii affectus est

Mubarak infarctu myocardii affectus est [Mubarak suffers a heart attack]

Hosni Mubarak, prior praeses Aegypti, in percontatione infarctu myocardii affectus esse dicitur.
 [Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, is being reported to have suffered an attack of cardiac arrest.]

Id accidisse, cum quaesitores eum de corruptione deque potestate, quam abusus esset, inquirerent.
 [The incident occurred, while investigators were questioning him on charges of corruption and about his use of power, which he may have overstepped.]

Mubarak, senex LXXXII annorum, mense Februario multitudine regimini reclamante coactus erat, ut munere se abdicaret.
 [Mubarak, an elder man of 82 years, was forced out  in the month of February by a crowd of people protesting his regime, and it ended by him abdicating his position of power.]

Ad eam percontationem Mubarak vehiculo loricato domo in urbem Al-Tur vectus esse dicitur.
 [Mubarak is reported to have been transported from this venue to his home in the city of Al-Tur, in an armored vehicle.]

Ferunt eum primo in area militari exspectavisse, dum aedificium iudiciale, in quo inquisitio fieret, ab insidiis munita esset.
 [At first, people said that they had waited for him at a military rendezvous, while the judicial building in which his inquiry was taking place was being secured from attack.]

Actores publici ei crimini dant, quod peculatum fecerit, deinde, quod catervas verberatorum conduxerit, qui reclamantium occisorum insimulantur.
 [Public lawyers now accuse him as a criminal, specifically that he first committed financial corruption, and then that he pulled the chains of armed gangs who caused the deaths of protesters.]

Ex a.d.III. Id. Feb. Mubarak cum duobus filiis in oppido Scharm el-Scheich versatur,ubi in custodia domestica tenetur.
 [Since mid-February Mubarak has lived in the city of Sharm-el-Sheik with his two sons, where he is being held in house arrest.]

Mubarak crimen corruptionis semper negabat.
[Mubarak has ever since denied any crime of corruption.]

Scripsit Volfgangus Austriacus - 13/04/2011 10h14-Written by Wolfgang Austriac, translated by RMBullard