Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roman Epitaph B 53

Remains of the Appian Way in Rome, near Quarto Miglio [photo: Wikipedia, Appian Way]

B 53

Rogat ut resistas, hospes, te hic tacitus lapis,
[This silent gravestone here asks that you stand still, traveller,]

dum ostendit quod mandavit,
[while it shows you what its assignment is,]

 quoius umbram tegit.
[that is, whose ghost it covers.]

pudentis hominis frugi cum magna fide,
[lt belongs it a man who dealt in grain with a great sense of loyalty,]

praeconis Oli Grani sunt ossa heic sita.
[the bones of the crier Olus Granus have been placed here.]

tantum est.
[So that's it.]

hoc voluit nescius ne esses.
[So he wished that you not leave unaware of this.]