Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Roman Epitaphs B 190

Remains of the Appian Way in Rome, near Quarto Miglio [photo: Wikipedia, Appian Way]

B 190

Adeste amici,
[Come forth, my friends,]

 fruamur tempus bonum,
[let's enjoy a good time,]

epulemur laeti,
[let's dine happily,]

vita dum parva manet,
[while our short life yet remains,]

Baccho madentes, hilaris sit concordia.
[soaking ourselves in Wine, let there be merry harmony.]

eadem fecerunt hi cuncti dum viverent,
[All these men did the every same things, when they were alive,]

dederunt acceperunt,
[they gave, and received,]

dum essent, fruniti sunt.
[while they existed, they were enjoyed.]

et nos antiquorum emitemur tempora.
[and let us too let the world know about the ages of our ancestors.]

vive dum vivis,
[live, while you have the chance to live,]

 nec quidquam denegaveris
animo indulgere,
[and don't refuse to indulge your mind in anything,]

 quem commodavit deus.
[which god makes a comfort for us.]