Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sextus Aurelius, History of the Caesars


Sextus Aurelius Victor [Aurelius Victor]
320-390 AD
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Late Imperial/Christian Era)

ab Augusto Octaviano,
id est a fine Titi Livii, usque ad consulatum decimum
Constantii Augusti et Iuliani Caesaris tertium.

[Written by Augustus, Octavianus, this goes from the conclusion by Titus Livy all the way up the tenth consulship of the Augustus by title, Constantius, and the third consulship of the Caesar by title, Julian.]

Anno urbis septingentesimo fere vicesimoque, duobus etiam, mos Romae incessit uni prorsus parendi. Namque Octavianus, patre Octavio, atque adoptione magni avunculi Caesaris ac mox procerum consulto ob victoriam partium placide exercitam Augusti cognomento dictus, illectis per dona militibus atque annonae curandae specie vulgo ceteros haud difficulter subegit.

[Approximately in the 722th year after the establishment of Rome, the running of the government began to submit to a single man. As it goes, Octavian, through the fact that his father was man named Octavius, and by his adoption by his great uncle, Caesar, and soon after, with the help of his supporters, and later called by the title of Augustus ['Majestic One'--think 'His Majesty] on account of the victory he gained so easily over his rival factions, with no difficulty whatsoever, gained superiority over the armies by winning them over with perks and the public by taking responsibility of the state's grain supply.]