Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Angilbert, Bella

 St. Angilbert
9th c. AD France
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Medieval Era)


Versus de Bella quae fuit acta Fontaneto
Aurora cum primo mane tetram noctem dividit,
Sabbatum non illud fuit, sed Saturni dolium,
de fraterna rupta pace gaudet demon impius.
1 [This my poem on Bella, the girl was married to Fontaneto, when Dawn severed the last part of night in the early morning--it was not a jar of the Sabbath, but one of Saturn, when the wicked demon rejoices at the brotherly peace that has been shattered.]

Bella clamat, hinc et inde pugna gravis oritur,
frater fratri mortem parat, nepoti avunculus;
2 [Bella cried out, a violent struggle arose here and there, a brother plan death for a brother, an uncle for his nephew;]

filius nec patri suo exhibet quod meruit.
3 [Nor does the son show to his father anything he deserved.]

Caedes nulla peior fuit campo nec in Marcio;
4 [No slaughter has ever occurred anywhere, even on the Marcian field;]

fracta est lex christianorum sanguinis proluvio,
unde manus inferorum, gaudet gula Cerberi.
5 [Christian law was shattered by a flood of bloodletting, upon which the hands of the damned and the throat of Cerberus rejoiced in glutting.]