Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 2011 Caedes in capite Belorussiae facta est

Caedes in capite Belorussiae facta est [Terrorist attack in capital of Belarus]

Displosionibus duabus in statione ferriviae subterraneae in urbe Minsk, capite Belorussiae, factis undecim homines necati, centum fere vulnerati sunt.
 [In two explosions in the underground subway station in the city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, 11 people were killed, and nearly 100 wounded.]

Magistratus caedem a terroristis factam esse pro certo habent, praesertim cum exitus stationis Oktjabrskaja proxime sedem praesidis Lukaschenko situs sit.
 [The government has come to the conclusion for certain that it was carried out by terrorists, specifically since the exit of the Oktjabrskaja Station was extremely close to the residence of President Lukaschenko.]

Lukaschenko ipse in tanto discrimine consilium convocavit iussitque omnia provideri, quae ad securitatem augendam pertinerent.
 [Mr. Lukaschenko himself called together an assembly with great haste, and order that all things to be investigated that pertained to increasing security.]

Displosiones factae sunt in summa commeatus frequentia.
 [The explosions happened in an extremely large gathering of people.]

Praeter arceras ac siphonarios viri quoque officii secreti KGB ad locum caedis properaverunt.
 [Besides tanks and firetrucks, official agents, even those from the secretive KGB, rushed to the location of the killings.]

Similibus insidiis in urbe Minsk anno MMVIII die libertatis factis L fere homines vulnerati sunt. 
 [In similar attacks carried out in the city of Minsk in 2008, on its national holiday, nearly 50 men were wounded.]

Ii, qui illius sceleris insimulati erant, ad sodalitatem “Legio alba” appellatam pertinuisse dicuntur. 
 [The men, who claimed to be behind the attack, are said to be associated with the group called the "White Army".]

Quae res tamen numquam patefacta est.
 [In any event, this kind of tragedy was never been seen before here.]

Scripsit Volfgangus Austriacus - 12/04/2011 00h08-Written by Wolfgang Austriac, translated by RMBULLARD (VOV)