Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10 2011 Colloquia in Libya temptantur

Colloquia in Libya temptantur [Talks attempted in Libya]

Quinque praesidentes civitatum Africarum iter a Mauritania Tripolim faciunt,
 [Five presidents from African nations are now going to travel from Mauritania to Tripoli,]

ut bello civili finis imponatur;
 [in order to bring a end to the civil war;]

Africae Australis praesidens Jacobus Zuma praeest Unionis Africae legationi,
 [The president of South Africa Jacob Zuma now leads the delegation of the African Union,]

quae tam ab duce Libyco Mahumeto Gaddafi quam a rebellium Consilio Nationali petitura est ut arma sileant,
 [whose aid has been requested by the Libyan leader Madmud Gaddafi as much as by the National Council of the rebel forces to facilitate an end to combat,]

auxilia sauciis et esurientibus afferantur,
 [as well as bring supplies to wounded and hungry people,]

dialogus factionum oppositarum incipiat.
 [and start a dialogue between the opposing factions.]

Unio Europaea arduum inceptum comprobavit.
 [The European Union has been greatly assured of their participation.]

Oppositores Libyci tamen adhuc negant se arma deposituros esse,
 [Nevertheless, Libyan rebels are still refusing to lay down their arms,]

dum Mahometus Gaddafi eiusque propinquos dicionem relinquant;
 [unless Madmud Gaddafi withdraws from his control of the government and leaves his neighbors alone;]

quam ob rem putant plerique observatores nihil ex Unionis Africae conatis eventurum esse.
 [on this account several experts think that nothing useful will come from the efforts of the African Union.]

Exercitus Libycus, quamquam damnis NATOnis aërinavibus allatis afficiatur, melius bellum gerere videtur quam oppositores.
 [The Libyan army, although it has taken damage from NATO air strikes, seems to be handling the conflict better than the opposition forces.]

Acriter enim pugnatur Agedabiae,
 [By this account, fighting is raging bitter in Agedabia,]

in oppido orientali a rebellibus occupato quod militiae regiminis reconquirere conantur;
 [a city in the east now occupied by the rebels and which the regime's military forces are trying to recapture;]

(ut in imagine adposita conspicitur)
 [as shown in the picture above]

minister Libycus rei bellicae confirmat duo missilibus helicoptera deiecta esse.
 [The Libyan defense minister is now confirming that two of his helicopters have been shot down.]

Scripsit Herimannus Novocomensis - 10/04/2011 16h06 - Written Herman Novocomens, translated by RMBullard