Friday, April 15, 2011

Catullus, Poem 29

Gaius Valerius Catullus
84-54 BCE (over 2,000 years ago)
Trans RMBullard
Latin (Golden Age/Republican Era)

QVIS hoc potest uidere,

 [Who can see this?]

quis potest pati,

[who can endure it,]

nisi impudicus et uorax et aleo,

[except a shameless glutton and gambler,]

Mamurram habere quod Comata Gallia
habebat uncti et ultima Britannia?

[the fact that he can let Mamurra make himself filthy rich from long-haired Gaul and the farthest region of Britain?]

cinaede Romule haec uidebis et feres?

[you fucked-up version of Romulus, will you bear witness to these things, and can you stand them?]

et ille nunc superbus et superfluens
perambulabit omnium cubilia,

[and will he---whom we all know-- now walk into and through the bedrooms of every single person, haughtily and with all hubris]

ut albulus columbus aut Adoneus?

[like a white little dove, or Adonis?]

cinaede Romule, haec uidebis et feres?

[You fucked-up excuse of a Romulus, will you bear witness to these things, and can you stand them?]
es impudicus et uorax et aleo.

[you are a shameless glutton, and a gambler.]

eone nomine, imperator unice,

[with that title of honor, sole commander of the military,]

fuisti in ultima occidentis insula,

[did you find yourself in the most remote island in the West,]

ut ista uestra diffututa mentula
ducenties comesset aut trecenties?

[such that you little dick of yours, all fucked out, could then devour people, 200 and 300 at a time?]

quid est alid <?> sinistra liberalitas?

[What is more sinister than his 'generosity'?]

parum expatrauit an parum elluatus est?

[hasn't he ruined enough, or better, hasn't he fucked enough?]

paterna prima lancinata sunt bona,

[First his own family's assets were shredded to pieces,]

secunda praeda Pontica,

 [second, the resources of the Black Sea,]

inde tertia
 [thirdly from then, Hibera]

quam scit amnis aurifer Tagus:

[which the gold-loaded Tagus River knows well:]

nunc Galliae timetur et Britanniae.

[now the territories of Gaul and Britain tremble in fear.]

quid hunc malum fouetis?

 [Why do you do this base fellow any favors?]

aut quid hic potest
nisi uncta deuorare patrimonia?

[Or rather, what can this man do other than swallow down whole estates he's greased over?]

eone nomine urbis opulentissime
socer generque, perdidistis omnia?

[And in this name of the city, o most excellent brother - and father - in - law, have you caused everything to go to ruin? ]